Gustavo Leon's Portfolio of Work

I am a full stack web developer that can cater to user experience, back-end functionality, and database integration/management. I am experienced with and fully comfortable with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Foundation, Tailwind), Django, Python, Java, usage of REST API's and deployment in Azure and AWS EC2.


Latest Projects

Address Classification/Validator

Quick app to test the address classification function of the UPS Street Level Address Validator API.

Firms Code Search

A searchable list of 20,000+ locations that are Bonded and on file with AMS. The data was uploaded to the database using a file upload page that accepts a properly formatted CSV file and transforms the CSV records to ORM objects. Records can be searched using a combination of 2 - 9 different criteria. A Google Maps API is used to display the location on a map.

Weather App

Weather application that pulls live data using the OpenWeather API. Geolocation added as well.

To Do List

To Do List to show the understanding of ORM and basic database CRUD concepts.


This site gives parents a dashboard to assign and manage kids' tasks/chores and has options to give rewards as a points-based or goal-based system. Kids'-level access has in-app messaging and rewards redemption. The website can be modified from Chores to job tasks or any other action/reward concept.

Holiday Greeting Cards

Group Project with 3 other students. While the other students worked on the front-end, I programmed the back-end. Users can create an account, create cards, add their own pictures, attach music to a card, send emails and add a comment system to each card. All media is stored on CDN to keep project size down.